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The Paleolithic diet is based on foods that were available to hunters and gatherers during the Paleoithic era, including fish; grass-fed, pasture raised meats; organic, free-range eggs; vegetables; fruit; fungi; roots; and nuts. It excludes grains; legumes; dairy products; potatoes; sugars; sweeteners and processed foods.

Paleo meal plan for February

Here are some of the staple meals I’ll call on during my paleo detox in February. I’m being a little less strict this time around by eating mustard (yeah I know it has preservatives), some deli meats and if I get sick of eating so much meat and seafood I’m going to allow myself to eat the pulses on the vegetarian paleo plan, such as lentils, which means my yummy lentil spinach red curry is back in if I need it. The hardest part will be not eating dairy for a month.
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