This experimental lunch turned out to be surprisingly creamy, despite the absence of any dairy. Plus it was such an easy meal.


  • courgettes, roughly chopped into rounds
  • olive oil
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • vegetable stock
  • water
  • pepper
  • herbs
  • spring onions, diced

Salt the cut courgettes and leave for about an hour to draw out any bitterness. Pat dry with paper towel. Roast with the garlic for 45 minutes. Fry up the shallots in a little oil then place them in a slow cooker with plenty of boiling water and vegetable stock. Once the courgettes are done transfer them and the garlic to the slow cooker. Cook on low for 10 hours then season with freshly cracked pepper and turn off and leave to cool. Once cooled blend to make a tasty soup. Just heat it up to serve. And trust me, this is delicious.