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Orange, banana and ginger detox smoothie

I just made this detox smoothie and it’s surprisingly tasty. The ginger apparently works as an appetite suppressant, which is useful as I’ve heard that blending fruit into a smoothie means your stomach isn’t sent the same signals to tell you that you should be getting full, so you may end up consuming more.  I tend to add linseeds and chia seeds, which I soak for 5 minutes in the smoothie liquid before I blend them, which also help to make you feel full for longer and provides further protein, omega-3 fatty acids, fibre and minerals.

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Paleo detox for January

So, the idea behind this 30 day detox diet is to remove processed foods from your diet and go back to eating what people ate back in the palaeolithic era. So that basically means eating meat, seafood, vegetables, fruit and most nuts. This is supposed to “reset” your metabolism, and help you to overcome food cravings, show you how easy it can be to eat better and when you re-introduce foods back in to your diet you can see how you react to them in order to decide if you want to keep eating them or not.

What does eating paleo involve?

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