ABC Learning Design workshops

ABC workshop at UCLThe ABC learning design method is gaining popularity across Europe, America and Australasia as a rapid way to design and redesign modules and entire programmes of study to meet institutional goals. The founder of Inclusive Web, Jessica Gramp, has been facilitating ABC workshops since the ABC method was first released in 2014. She has presented the method and run workshops in the UK, Middle East and Australia and has worked with institutions to localise the training materials. She has also run train the trainer workshops to develop staff into local ABC facilitators. Once these staff have received the training, they go on to facilitate their own workshops across the institution.

While the ABC workshop materials are freely available under open source, share-alike licensing from, Inclusive Web can help to quickly embed the method in an institution, by running local workshops, training local facilitators and helping to localise the materials to align with institutional teaching and learning strategies. Please get in contact if you are interested in learning more about the services on offer.