ABC Learning Design website

ABC Learning Design website

The ABC Learning Design website is built using WordPress, with the BuddyPress plugin powering the community features. Forums are based on BBPress and it is internationalised using PolyLang.

The ABC Learning Design International community, which is being developed as part of the Erasmus+ ABC to VLE project, is managed using BuddyPress. The project brings together thirteen universities from eleven European countries to develop the workshop to provide pre and post-workshop support.

PolyLang enables important website content to be easily translated into multiple languages. Certain pages (like the privacy policy) must be translated, as this is a requirement of meeting European GDPR privacy laws.

The website uses custom post types, developed using the open source Pods Framework, to help capture and share the experiences of the community.

The website is a key output of the Erasmus+ ABC to VLE project, which is being led by UCL, in collaboration with 12 partners across Europe.