Hi. I’m Jess Gramp, Moodle Community Manager. I have worked as a learning technologist and elearning advisor since 2004, predominately working with higher education institutions in both Europe and Australia. I have also worked with schools and within the corporate sector as an IT consultant to develop content and document management systems and deliver professional development training.

My background is in web development and multimedia production. I have a strong technical understanding of web and media, which enables me to co-design e-learning courses and support their development using a wide variety of technologies. I have worked with staff and students to develop their IT competencies. Recently I’ve focused on helping academics to design and deliver well-structured, blended-learning courses.

I am a qualified and experienced Project Manager, having completed my Master of Project Management (PMI) in 2007. Since then, I have led a number of education projects at top European universities, including piloting e-examination systems and developing e-assessment policies more broadly.

In 2018, I completed a Master of Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh, in which I specialised in accessibility and assessment feedback. I have led projects to improve teaching practices in both these areas and am passionate about removing barries to learning for the benefit of all students and teachers, while catering to the needs of those with disabilities in particular.

I developed the prototype for the Moodle MyFeedback plugin, which is now installed on over 550 Moodle sites world-wide and continues to be maintained and developed by colleagues at University College London. This tool allows students, and their personal tutors, an overview of their assessment feedback and their academic progress overall.

Inclusive Web Ltd was formed in 2019 from an ambition to share the ABC Learning Design method with more institutions within Europe and the southern hemisphere.

I have facilitated learning design workshops with univerisities across Europe and Australia. I am keen to see ABC Learning design used more broadly in schools, colleges, universities and the private sector. Please contact me for further information.

From 2020-2021 I worked at the University of Edinburgh as a team manager, leading the Online Course Production Service.

In 2021, I started working at Moodle HQ as the Moodle Academy Manager. In August 2021, the team launched Moodle Academy, offering free courses and webinars to the global Moodle Community. In 2022 I became Moodle Community Manager, responsible for leading a team to manage Moodle Academy and the Moodle.org websites. In September 2022 the Moodle Community team helped to organise MoodleMoot Global 2022 in Barcelona, Spain – the largest MoodleMoot yet! In October the team launched the redesign of moodle.org websites.

Career Achievements

  • 2022 Led program development, sponsorship and registrations for MoodleMoot Global 2022.
  • 2021 Launched Moodle Academy for educators, administrators and developers.
  • 2020 Managed the development of How to Create an Online Course on FutureLearn.
  • 2019 Launched Inclusive Web Ltd: Facilitated Learning Design workshops and project managed the ABC to VLE project.
  • 2018 Secured funding for the Erasmus+ ABC to VLE project with colleagues from 13 top European universities to expand the support for ABC Learning Design workshops (ABCtoVLE).
  • 2018 Graduated from MSc Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh.
  • 2018 Led UCL Accessible Moodle project, resulting in enhancements to Moodle configuration and theme.
  • 2017 UCL Provost Teaching Award winner and obtained Senior Fellowship, Higher Education Academy.
  • 2016 Led the testing and launch of the Moodle MyFeedback plugin (and developed prototype).
  • 2015 Led the merger of the UCL E-Learning Baseline with that from the Institute of Education.
  • 2014 Teaching Excellence Bursary study visit to Harvard University, Boston University and University of Michigan leading to implementation of typed examinations at UCL Qatar.
  • 2013 Developed e-learning reports to inform e-learning strategies in faculties and departments.
  • 2012 Led the establishment of the UCL E-Learning Champions’ network.
  • 2012 Co-ran the UCL CMALT mentoring scheme and obtained Certified Membership of the Association for Learning Technology (CMALT).
  • 2010 Led the development of e-examination policies at UCL, now in the Academic Manual.

My full curriculum vitae is available on LinkedIn.

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